Lightweight purlins Ruukki

Ruukki is offering and delivering profiles of galvanized high-strength steel S355. These are structural elements made of cold rolled galvanized steel, which are used as secondary elements and stiffening elements of the buildings as purlins or wall guides. In recent years, these components are also used to provide the actual structural strength of buildings.

Ruukki´s lightweight purlin systems make building construction fast and easy, allowing you to build the envelope and exterior wall and roof structures with little effort.

Ruukki has a wide selection of purlins, which are suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls. You can choose an alternative that best suits your needs, depending on the required span length and the loads. The benefits of using purlins are:

Light weight
High-strength properties increase efficiency
Efficient logistics
Good corrosion resistance
Can be used also in demanding conditions
Fully recyclable
The lightweight purlin design is always project-specific. Our engineers can asist you for your project with our design tool PurCalc to optimize effectively the wall or roof structure.

Z profile purlin

» Z profile purlin

Z purlin - Profiles from high strength S350 steel 

C profile purlin

» C profile purlin

C purlin - Profiles from high strength S350 steel 

Sigma profile purlin

» Sigma profile purlin

Sigma purlin - Profiles from high strength S350 steel