Low profiled sheets - Trapezoidal sheet for composite slab Comp Deck

Composite slab trapezoidal sheets for Ruukki´s are made from high quality raw material - steel S320. They are efficient and economical option for the construction of a composite slab construction for intermediate levels of commercial and industrial buildings. This type of structures are easy to install and have excellent technical qualities. Comp Deck is intended to be used as reinforcement in concrete slabs. During casting the sheet works as formwork. comp Deck can be used as a ceiling surface beneath the slab due to its aesthetic design, and therefore suspended ceiling is not necessary needed.
Profiles that are produced RUUKKI Comp Deck T55


Composite Steel-Concrete slabs. 

Products that are Ruukki produces a wide range, there is an opportunity for special coatings and corrosion protection. This makes it possible to design a wide variety of buildings with different uses, such as:
Industrial buildings
Buildings for entertainment and leisure
Public buildings
Office buildings
Renovation projects


The trapezoidal sheets type COMP-DECK for composite deck , that are used as combination of trapezoidal corrugated metal sheets and concrete. The above decks offer significant advantages in construction , as : minimum construction time , lower cost due to reduced worker, elasticity and proper diaphragmatic function in earthquake construction . The above profiles of metal sheets are delivered also without the side embossed projections ( non composite ) to be used as a conventional roof and wall covering for industrial buildings with large openings.

Trapezoidal sheet for composite slab Comp Deck

» Trapezoidal sheet for composite slab Comp Deck


 Corrugated sheet metal sheet for composite slab structure with special ribbing for better adhesion of the concrete slab.