Metal roofs from steel

Classic SR-35-475D

» Classic SR-35-475D

Ruukki Classic D is a high-class steel roof with unique look. Its profile resembles traditional seamed roofing but at the same time it is modern and stylish. It suits a variety of architectural styles and it is an excellent choice also for low-pitched roofs.


Finnera TS-52-330--1140

» Finnera TS-52-330--1140

The most intelligent roof ever seen.Finnera’s innovative design makes your steel roof not only beautiful but also extremely durable and practical.


Monterrey TS-39-350-1100

» Monterrey TS-39-350-1100

Ruukki Monterrey is our most popular model and is an excellent fit for a rich variety of landscapes and houses. And thanks to its lower profile, Monterrey gives your roof a tranquil appearance.